Thursday, June 01, 2006

My 1st Day


Today was my first day on full disability from work. I was just shy of 22 years in the U.S. workforce. My life and career has allowed me to travel all over the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Europe. I consider myself luckier than most for having seen very beautiful parts of the world. I've climbed most 14,000 foot mountains in northern Colorado, including the East Face of Longs Peak (shown above). I've scuba dived in Hawaii and off the southern coast of California. I've camped at the foot of Mt. McKinley and took pictures of the Eiger. I've snow skied the Appalachians , the Rockies and the Alps. I've seen the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, Dachau, Anne Frank's house and the Little Mermaid (I'm happy to say she had her head on that day). I've held a Captains rank in the Army and recently stepped down as a computer systems manager at FedEx. I'm happily married and deeply in love with my wife and three children. Of all my experiences over the years, I've learned that if you don't have family, you are not living to your fullest extent. Over the past year, as I've entered into this new phase of my life as an ALS PALS (Persons with ALS), I've noticed my disease can be (some days more than others) the center of my universe. I don't think that is totally healthy. So I'm going to strive to live my life to the fullest and I intend on using this BLOG to share my journey with my family and friends. Please enjoy.