Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Birthday Bash

Boy, I love springtime ! The warm weather sooths my muscles.

My mom left yesterday to go back to Colorado. She visited for 3 weeks. I didn't want her to leave. Here’s an update describing our reunion...

Kate [sister], Ken [hubby], Bonnie [sister], Bob [hubby], and Ellie [niece] arrived on March 29th for a long weekend and left on April 2nd to go back to Colorado.

We played classic rock roll [Uncle Bob and Chris].

Here are some photos of us all at my birthday parties. To my delight, we partied all week.

Hing organized a nine course Chinese banquet at our favorite Chinese restaurant [Asian Palace] and invited the whole family. I love Chinese food, especially when we eat family style. We ate like pigs.

Another highlight was I took the family to downtown Memphis to tour Beale Street, the home of BB King and the land of the blues. We listened the live bands, ate BBQ and watched the street entertainers. No one wanted to leave.

Yes, I’m half a century.

All is well here in Elvis country. We had a wonderful Easter weekend. The day before, Hing surprised me with a neighborhood (friends) birthday party Saturday night. Mom and the kids were in on it. I came home to 20 people in our front yard holding signs and singing happy birthday.

We even made a fire in the backyard, sang songs and made smores. Everybody brought a ton of food and we cooked bunch of hot dogs and hamburgers on my new birthday grill.

Nicole played basketball out front with the boys. We didn't see much of her until after sunset. She loves b-ball and can't wait for the recreation church league to start again.

We even set an empty chair for Major John Bennett who's finishing up his tour of duty in Iraq. We expect him home in two weeks.

What a blast.

Chris’s friend Jacob sat by the campfire that night bound and determined to figure the chords 'Softly falls the light of day...' [a Boy Scout song, see lyrics below] on Chris’s new 6 string guitar and we were so happy he did. That boy's got talent.

Clayton [Jacob’s brother] would tell Jacob what note to start in; Mason [Chris’s friend] would say 'There you guys go again speaking guitar language which I don't understand'. After everyone sang the song for Jacob for the 20th time, Jacob said 'this is cool now I’m going to have to bring my guitar on the next Boy Scout campout'.

Scout Vesper
Tune: "Tannenbaum"

Softly falls the light of day,While our campfire fades away. Silently each scout should ask: "Have I done my daily task? Have I kept my honor bright? Can I guiltless sleep tonight? Have I done and have I dared Everything to be prepared.?"

Even, Nicole and Conner [neighbor] got into the act. Conner played Beatles, [Here comes the sun] then Clayton played Eric Clapton. I’m so glad our children appreciate rock and roll!

My mom baked chocolate chip cookies and filled our Easter baskets with bags of cookies. After church, we went to Hing's sister's house to pig-out. A mini-family reunion. Then an Easter egg hunt.

This last photo is my mom and Hing's mom [75 and 79 years young].

Hing took the day off on Monday and the 3 of us goofed off while the kids were at back at school. Not to mention a good nap.

Love to all.