Saturday, March 26, 2011

Don Taylor Rules of Engagement for Girls

Advice from me on How to Pick a Man

Below are two categories – The Keepers and The Throw Them Back

Good luck shopping!

The Keepers

• He should let you say whatever you want to say without him interrupting you. Unless you have so much in common that he must agree with you. Beware of men that talk about themselves a lot.

• On your first date, he should always make you feel comfortable but especially by being a gentleman and not attempt to kiss you at the end of the date.

• He should treasure his relationship with his family. Look for attributes that would make him a good father if you desire to have children.

• Watch him closely as he walks passed a mirror. He shouldn’t be obsessed with his body.

• His eyes should be on you. Not wandering around the place looking for his next victim.

• He should treat you absolutely perfect on your first date. Plus tell you where you’re going so you can dress appropriately. No surprises.

Throw Them Back

• If he has to clean his car of empty junk food wrappers or containers before he takes you on a date?

• If he gives you a gift with a power cord attached?

• If you visit his apartment/home and you have trouble seeing what the color of the carpet because of all of his crap on it.

• After the first date, does he call you more than once per day? He might be a stalker.

• Does he have body odor? Chain Smoker? Alcoholic? Felon? Addiction for Gambling?

How to Disengage:

• First, be totally honest. Don’t talk around the reason why. Be blunt as possible. Don’t be mean.

• If you truly want him out of your life, don’t say like “I need my space right now”. That’s an open statement that tells him there’s still a chance for him to stalk you. Danger, Danger!