Monday, April 09, 2012

A short story - Hawaii Vacation

After I graduated from high school my Uncle Gordon asked me to come to Hawaii and work for him in his jewelry business. Of course I said yes! He was one of the founders of the puka shell necklace business in Hawaii and the tourists had to have the beautiful necklaces. He was rich and paid for my flights. It was a wonderful summer living with his family!

I wanted to go to my favorite beach in the world called Hanauma Bay in Hawaii with my girl friend in 1975. Her name is Patty and I remember when I asked her if she would go to Hawaii with me she said YES! She was definitely ready for the trip.

To get to the bay we had to drive up a long winding road and the parking lot of the bay was above the bay. It was breathtaking to look over the beautiful bay. They controlled the waters in that no boats were allowed and the bay was a wilderness area to protect the assortment of topical fish and coral reefs.

Before getting in the warm water we spread a blanket on the perfectly white sand and opened our lunch basket. I am always prepared to feed Patty. We didn’t drink any alcoholic drinks because of our desire to s.c.u.b.a. dive after lunch. We both noticed the sweet fresh smell of the ocean water. As you know it’s always a little bit windy on the beach and it was heavenly. As we filled our bellies with grilled veggie burritos from Qdoba! We wiped our lips with napkins and kissed each other. I rubbed suntan lotion on her and she did the same for me. Can you smell the salt of the ocean and lotion on us? Oh yeah baby!

After we digested our delicious meal we donned our scuba gear and I told her where we were going. The water temperature was perfect so we didn’t need wet suits. We were swimming in about 30 feet of water. The tropical fish surrounded us with their curiosity of us swimming in their waters. They were all kinds of colors just like a rainbow. I brought some frozen peas in a zip lock bag to feed them. They called their friends and we were immediately surrounded by beautiful little fish.
My favorite was the clown fish just like Nemo!
I handed her some peas and she laughed so hard bubbles came out of her mouth piece! When our peas were gone the silly fish lost interest in us.

I spotted an opening in the coral reef and signaled her to head for it. I held her hand as we descended into the depths of the bay. I spotted was a patch of pure white sand surrounded by pretty coral reefs big enough for two people to explore. When we got there I turned upside down with my scuba tank resting on the sand. She immediately followed and we got a tickle as we watched our bubbles as we exhaled rise to the surface. We stayed down there for about 30 minutes. It was a beautiful moment for us! I didn’t want to leave but I looked at how much air we had left and I pointed up to start our ascend. She understood and followed me.
 I hope you enjoyed my short story. Parts of this are true! I did scuba dive at this beautiful Hawaiian bay! I did work for my uncle for the summer. Here's  a picture of me and my sister, Bonnie!