Monday, July 09, 2012

A Short Story - My Swiss Alps Skiing Vacation

It starts on a beautiful winter day. We were in the Swiss Alps at a place called Saint Moritz skiing resort. With 300 days of sunshine this place is gorgeous! I was skiing with my girl friend at the time named Susan.

We took a bus from our hotel to the ski area. It was early in the morning because I wanted to make the most of the day. You never know what the weather will be like later in the day.

Once we bought our ski tickets for the day and put on our skis we skied to the gondola. I handed our skis and poles to the gondola attendant as we got on the large gondola to ride to the summit.

The scenery was breathtaking as we rose into the clouds. At the top the door opened and we clambered out with the people who joined us. You could hear the heavy ski boots stomp as each person exited the gondola. We had to put on our ski goggles because the sun was so bright. Once out of the way of all the people we put our skis on and headed down the mountain.

I was surprised at how well she skied down the moguls. I enjoyed skiing behind her and watching how she handled each obstacle. We would trade off whom following who until we got down to the chair lift. We were thrilled for our first attempt down the mountain as we stood on line to get on the chair lift and could not wait for the next run. We were pleased at amount of people in the line and we got on the chair within minutes! More skiing time! Oh yeah!

At the top we agreed to try a more challenging slope. Susan was a very good skier but not as good as me. She had trouble skiing on the double black diamond slopes so she asked me for help to get down the steep hill. I went behind her and wrapped my arms around your waist holding her close. I made a snow plow formation with my skis us slow us down. She did the same with your skis and we were well under way to the bottom. She was relieved when we got to the bottom and she awarded me with a kiss! That was my favorite part!

Unfortunately by lunch time the snowstorm hit and we were cold and hungry. The beautiful day turned ugly. So we headed to the gondola which took us to a restaurant on the top of the mountain.

I took her in the guest house. That’s the term they use for restaurants in Switzerland. It as a very cozy restaurant with a roaring fireplace in the center of the room. We immediately got warm and started stripping off our heavy coats and gloves!

The waitress asked if we wanted a drink before lunch and I ordered two beers for us since I spoke German which seems to be accepted in Switzerland. We looked over the menu and she spotted the goulash soup and said ohhh that sounds delicious! We ordered it and it came with lots of bread for soaking every morsel of the goulash!

After lunch the clouds disappeared and we had a wonderful afternoon of skiing!

When we were done skiing we went to town and I rented a horse and open sleigh! It was fabulous to be all wrapped up in blankets with the cool evening breezes against our faces!

True story! Actually I had such an awesome adventure when I was stationed in Germany in the Army! I went with my good friend!