Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Christmas Letter from the Taylor Family

2012 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

I have to be thankful for many things this past year for example my family came for a visit this summer. I was amazed at how Chris and Nicole have matured in one year since I last saw them. Chris is doing extremely well in Electrical Engineering and he is in his 3rd year at The University of Memphis on a full scholarship. He has always enjoyed how electrical things operate and he likes his studies. Nicole was accepted to her favorite college called Savannah School of Art and Design. She and Hing went for a tour of the Atlanta campus this summer and fell in love with the incredible educational experience Nicole would receive. They have state of the art computers. Nicole will start college in the fall of next year. Wow we can’t believe we have two in college next year. Hing and I are very proud of our kids!

Hing is enjoying her transportation job and it really keeps her busy. She is grateful that she received a good job in the field that she majored in college. One of her highlights this year was celebrating her birthday with her best friend that she has known since she was 7 years old! They went to Disney World!

For me it was a year full of good and sad changes. As many of you know Kate and Ken lost their beautiful mountain home by the horrible fire. They lost everything. Kate said on the bright side it’s just like starting over as if they were newly weds. Her positive nature is contagious! They both inspire me and my caregivers.

Due to my caregivers leaving after graduating or moving on with their lives left me in a perpetual hiring mode. Lucky we found a lot of willing students. I think that I broke a record by training 4 people at once. Through the years of hiring people I know which people I feel comfortable with usually within the first few minutes of the interview. Kate says I have a natural talent for reading people. My current team is awesome. I am thankful that I can stay in touch with my previous caregivers through email and Facebook!

  I spend most of my day writing emails, texts, and daily reports for my caregivers on what to do under certain circumstances and of course Facebook. I go out to the doctors once a week to get special I. V’s treatments to give me Superman strength! I am their longest patient since I have been going there over 4 years. They treat me like family.

My sister Kate basically runs my life along with Hing. They both are invaluable because it takes a team of hard working people to care for a person with my disease. I have 11 people right now.

Here are some pictures for you. 
  1. Colorado Christmas tree 
  2. My new grandson Liam 
  3. Our family reunion 

A day doesn't go by without me thinking about how fortunate my family is to have family and friends who love and support us.

With love,  Don, Hing, Chris and Nicole