Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Rock and Roll Band Days

I love classic rock and roll. My favorite bands are Beatles, Allman Brothers band, Led Zeppelin, The Who, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, to name a few. I'm not into heavy metal. 
 My music story started in 5th grade when I joined a rock and roll band. Before that I didn't have an interest in music except singing in school which I didn't like because I can't carry a tune to save my life!  In our band I was the drummer. Here are some pictures of the time we played at the sixth grade dance! We also played at the fifth grade dance. My house was the place that we practiced most of the time. My mom loved it! She had patience. We had an upright piano that my friend would play and the windows would vibrate when we got to rocking and rolling! It was the late 60's and as you recall that was the time of psychedelic music and posters.  Out bedrooms had black lights that made glow in the dark posters light up and it was cool. Here's  a picture of me in my bedroom wearing a hat with a wig! 

At dance we got dry ice and put it in old coffee cans and turned the stage to fog! The audience loved it. Our songs were from the Beatles, C. C. R. and Traffic to name a few.  Proud Mary was a big favorite. My favorite part was watching my classmates dance!  There were a few girls that screamed! Wow. After the dance we received praise from our classmates and faculty. It was awesome!   Our band was called Lightning Blue! 

To my amazement, my son Chris took a liking for drums and bought him an electric drum kit! I loved when he played with his buddies!