Tuesday, September 08, 2015

God is great!

The title of my story came to me in the middle of the night when I was thinking about my son Chris. Believe it or not in the year he was born the hospitals were in a panic because new born babies were accidentally getting switched. My wife Hing and I were worried that our first born would be mixed up. Fortunately God took care of us by placing a dark mole right by Chris’s left eye! 
We heard of a wonderful and caring pediatrician in our town named Doctor Lee. Doctor Lee was from Korea. He gave us fantastic advice when I asked him what we should do about the mole. To me his mole looked very big on his baby cheek. Should we have it removed? But first I must tell you a short story about my childhood. I grew up in an almost all boy neighborhood in New Jersey. Boys can be cruel and I was worried that as Chris got older he could face some cruel things to him just as I faced growing up with boys. Doctor Lee’s advice was very profound, he said we must wait. He said as Chris grows his mole will be less pronounced. Hing and I took his advice and did nothing. Thank goodness!
Chris was the perfect baby! He rarely cried unless he needed to eat or we needed to change his diaper. We were quite blessed with Chris! I absolutely loved watching him grow. The best compliment that people would say about Chris is that he is extremely observant of his surroundings! It was if the world was his playground! We were so proud of our beautiful son.
When Chris turned 3 I was fortunate to get a job in Memphis working for FedEx. Hing’s parents and a few of her siblings lived in the Memphis area. I honestly think that was the best thing that happened in our lives! Our previous home was in Virginia. Neither of us had relatives in Virginia. That’s why it seemed like a miracle! Hing and I have the same family values, we loved being with our families!
As Chris grew older Hing asked him at the age of 7 or 8 if he wanted to take off his mole. He said without hesitation “No, I don’t want to because that makes me unique! 

What I loved about watching Chris grow up was his interest in building things just like me! 
Scouting is extremely important to me and I was excited that Chris was finally old enough to join Cub Scouts! I loved being with my son during scouting activities especially camping! In Cub Scouts the fathers would sleep in their tents with their sons.
What I loved about scouting is what it stands for and the benefits to our community! I along with the other adults enjoyed teaching our sons how to live comfortably in the woods. Scouting offered Chris great opportunities to grow. He learned how to cook in the outdoors, how to navigate with a compass, learned the value of citizenship, developed self-confidence and leadership skills.

The very best thing about Chris is that Hing and I are truly grateful that he has always been extremely close to Nicole! Here's one of my favorite pictures of them. 

We feel confident that my wife and I raised Chris to be the best that he could be and not to take life’s ups and downs seriously. We love Chris and are excited to learn what’s next when he graduates with his master’s degree in electrical engineering soon!