Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Visit To Colorado

I just wanted to tell everyone that in six days I will be taking a special flight to Colorado. The purpose is to give my wife and my Tennessee family a much needed break. They have been at it for over 3.5 years. My wife ask me for her Mother's Day gift to give her a vacation. So we all have put the plan in motion to get me there. Everybody that cares for me knows that it's been a major logistical challenge to move a near quadriplegic like me. I'm very excited about going. I will be staying at my mom's place in Fort Collins. The special thing is my brother-in-law, Ken has been searching for a airline that specifically handles handicapped people. That way I don't have to get out of my wheelchair. But unfortunately he couldn't find one that we could afford. So he is going to rent a Piper Saratoga . I won't be able to ride in my wheelchair. But we have a plan to get it there. Ken's flight instructor, Ron will be flying the plane. The best part is Chris will be coming with us. I need him to be my translator and he will help setup ERICA. Unfortunately, Chris won't be staying, he has to go back to Tennessee. Hopefully he will work on his Eagle Project for the Boy Scouts. Hint, hint.

Here's a picture of our airplane:

Let's hope our take off's equal our landings ! Although Chris asked me if he could parachute into Colorado, instead of landing like normal people. My sister, Kate tells us "Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane." I think we have a little dare devil on our hands.

Wish us calm weather on our adventure.