Saturday, August 22, 2009

Calling All Angels

Call to Action – Angels Unite!

Thanks to your generosity last year, my brother, Don Taylor, was able to begin intensive, holistic IV treatments to combat his ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). The treatments were very successful in slowing and stalling this deadly disease. Don, his wife Hing, mother Ruth, and his whole family join me in sincere appreciation of your help to our family.

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of all our many Angels, Don was able to continue this valuable therapy throughout the past year. Over time he dropped from doing the IV treatments every day to only one treatment a week. At that time we again learned how important these treatments were when he began to have trouble breathing, and he lost the ability to make any verbal sounds. So Don increased the treatments to two a week and he stabilized again.

But as you know the treatments are expensive and not covered by Don’s insurance. So we are once again

Calling All Angels (and their friends)!

We need another 100 Angels to contribute $100 each to be able to continue Don’s vital treatments. And we need it soon, since as we learned losing treatments causes Don to lose vitality that can not necessarily be regained.

Don says, “I'm doing great. My IV treatments are definitely slowing my disease down. My pulmonary doctor is quite impressed with my ability to breathe compared to other people with ALS. Since I have been here for one year, he can substantiate my progress. My holistic doctor is very thorough. I go to my IV treatments two times a week, and that seems to be the right combination for me. When I dropped back to just one time my family noticed things about me like I was coughing more and exhausted by the end of the day.”

Please be an Angel and help Don again. As before, you can donate directly through PayPal to Don or write a check to me Kate Taylor and mail it to: Don Taylor, 305 W Magnolia #356, Fort Collins CO 80521. Of course, we will gratefully accept all prayers and donations of any amount towards this effort.

We have revamped Don’s website at with more photos and more options. You can link from there to donate directly to Don’s PayPal account. In addition, when you use the SHOP 4 DON link to do your online shopping from any of over 800 stores, restaurants, theatres, and other merchants including Best Buy, Sears and Walmart, Don receives a commission! You get special discounts, find the best online price while Don earns money for his treatments. Please check it out.

Again, thank you for all you have already contributed to our cause.

Kate Taylor (Don’s sister)