Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's New With Me?

Here is a little story about my adventures. It's fantastic that I'm back in my college town. I feel very comfortable here because I know about the people and the Ft. Collins area. Most of all being with Mom, Kate and Bonnie is the best thing ever. The other day, I went to the Colorado State campus and sat near the Lagoon. It was a beautiful day and I realized that I like being around students because they give me energy. It's quite rejuvenating actually. Ft. Collins has been listed as a great place to live. Another feature about this town is the bikers have the right of way on all roads. Tons of bike lanes to accommodate the students. Certainly this town has grown since I went to school almost 30 years ago but it still has the small town charm in certain areas.

I do miss Hing and the kids but they came to see me once last year and twice this year. But not always together at a time. In October they came to see me during the kids Fall Break from school. Chris and Nicole stayed up at Kate and Ken's house and Nicole always wishes for snow and she got her wish. Hing stayed here with me and we really had some time to talk. The phone is nice and even video chatting but face to face is certainly better. Nicole made me a video of the visit. I will try and get her video uploaded.

Chris came here to ski in March during his spring break. This was his third year skiing in Colorado and my first time being here to cheer him on. He always goes with a family that we met through boy scouting. As it turns out their son and Chris were born on the same day! Chris received my ski "Gene" because he is an expert skier but I wish that I could ski with him. The father, Brian and I are both Eagle Scouts so we get along great. Brian took a lot of pictures and video. On their return trip from five days of skiing, the whole gang stopped by Mom's place and we watched movies about them skiing and looked at pictures. They came here during one of our warmer periods and Chris got a really good sun tan on his face but not on his eyes where he wore his ski gogles. When Nicole saw him she said that he looked like a raccoon. She was right! The big news about Chris is that he had a girlfriend. I said had because he only dated her for about two months. She is a senior in high school and he is a junior. Hing and I don't know why they broke up, but the fact that she is going to college in the fall might have something to do with it.

For my birthday in April , Hing and Nicole showed up to my surprise and stayed the weekend with all of us. It was better than when Hing surprised me on my 40 th birthday. A good friend of my family hosted a birthday drumming celebration for me. You can see it in the video below. Drum celebrations are a great way to get people together and also have known to heal. The host, Suzanne had a 3 foot community drum that was awesome! Hing took the video so you won't see her but she get a good shot of everyone attending.

As you can see from the video we had big snow storm. Nicole always asked for snow when she comes to Colorado. So she got her wish. She ran outside in my backyard and played so we could see her through my bedroom window. A funny kid and I treasure her antics. Unfortunately Hing lost her job because of the economy, but I noticed when she came to visit, she was relaxed and really enjoyed herself this time. It was good to see a renewed spirit in her again.

Here are a few pictures from this year.