Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don Taylor's Rules of Engagement for Women

(Or advice from me on how to pick a man - a little bit of humor)
Below are two categories – The Keepers and The Throw Them Back
Good luck fishing!

The Keepers
  • o He should let you say whatever you want to say without him interrupting you.
  • o On your first date, he should always make you feel comfortable but especially by being a gentleman and not attempt to kiss you at the end of the date.
  • o He should treasure his relationship with his family.
  • o Watch him closely as he walks passed a mirror. He shouldn’t be obsessed with his body.
  • o His eyes should be on you. Not wandering around the place looking for his next victim.
  • o He should treat you absolutely perfect on your first date. Plus tell you where you’re going so you can dress appropriately.

    Throw Them Back
  • o If he has to clean his car of empty junk food wrappers or containers before he takes you on a date?
  • o If he gives you a gift with a power cord attached?
  • o If you visit his apartment/home and you have trouble seeing what the color of the carpet because of all of his "stuff" on it.
  • o After the first date, does he call you more than once per day? He might be a stalker.
  • o Does he have body odor? Chain Smoker? Alcoholic? Felon? Addiction for Gambling?
How to Disengage
  • o First, be totally honest. Don’t talk around the reason why. Be blunt as possible. Don’t be mean.
  • o If you truly want him out of your life, don’t say like “I need my space right now”. That’s an open statement that tells him there’s still a chance for him to stalk you. Danger, Danger!