Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why I like Sponge Bob Square Pants

Dear Chris and Nicole,

Sometimes I watch The Sponge Bob cartoon here in Colorado just to remind me of the fun times we had watching it. My caregivers knew that I liked the cartoon. So one of my aids named Liz made me a blanket with Sponge Bob and Patrick as the theme. The blanket was sewn with square patches of the two of them doing funny things.

All my aids were wondering why I liked Sponge Bob so much. So besides laughing out loud when watching it, I wrote a story about it.

Below is my story and above is picture of the blanket with Liz, Barb and me. Maybe you remember them when you came here. Liz was being treated for cancer and I have good news, she is now cancer free.

Why I like Sponge Bob
The first time I saw the previews for Sponge Bob Square Pants I thought that TV cartoons reached an all time low point in cartoon history. I think Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner cartoons were the best. After all I was just getting over my hatred for Barney the dinosaur. I could not take hearing him sing that song after hearing it over and over, first with Chris and then Nicole.

Then when Chris and Nicole watched Sponge Bob and laughed out loud, I could not help but to watch it. It didn’t take long until I was cracking up too. Sometimes a little mindless humor is the ticket to unwinding the mind.

The start of the cartoon introduces you to Sponge Bob with a song. The song is creepy because of the lips of the pirate, but after a while I found myself singing it.

But the main reason why I like Sponge Bob is because when Chris and Nicole watched it they memorized one of the episodes and when we were driving in the car they would act out the entire cartoon and Hing and I were laughing so hard our sides would ache. Chris would be Sponge Bob and Nicole would be Squidward. They would do the cartoon in the car or at the dinner table. The episode was called "Pretty Patty's". Because business was slow and Mr. Krabs wanted more money. So Sponge Bob came up with the idea to color the Patty's. It never got old. Now that they’re teenagers they still watch it and announce when new episodes are coming.

Thank you Liz for making the Sponge Bob Square Pants blanket. I love and will always treasure it.