Sunday, December 14, 2008

100 Angels Thank You

Happy Holidays Everyone!

This posting is for all the people who donated their time or money (or just prayers) to support my new treatment process.

It was written by my Mom.

Thank you for being one of our Angels! Our whole family is grateful for the support of so many amazing and caring friends and family.
Thanks to your generosity, Don was able to start the intensive IV treatments designed to battle the ALS late in September, and within three weeks they were shown to be successful in increasing his stamina and improving his ability to swallow. The debilitating coughing was greatly reduced to a more manageable occasional light cough. His caregivers noticed that his neck and back got stronger, and the family noticed he was speaking better.

Don says, "Thank you so much for your generosity. It really means a lot to me. As many of you might know I have moved to Colorado (without my family) to get special treatment in an attempt to slow this monster inside of me. So far it is working. The most important improvement to me, since most PALS die of respiratory failure, is that my lungs gained strength after the first few treatments. That led to less coughing, improved nose blowing and best of all my breathing. And my immune system is stronger than ever thanks to my diet and IV treatments. My spirits are at an all time high. Plus when my kids had fall break, Hing and the kids came to visit. Best of all, Hing and I had time to talk and that’s exactly what we needed. My caregivers here in Colorado are wonderful. Of course, my Colorado family is taking good care of me too. Your generosity and compassion for me and my family brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for your love and support."

Because the treatments are helping, Don has continued the IVs over decreasing intervals. He is currently doing them only twice a week and is still stable. But Don wants more than "stable," he wants more improvement, so his doctor has started some additional innovative 'frequency' treatments to help his brain connect with his muscles and mineral lithium to help his neurons. Plus Don gets very high quality, organic foods instead of the cans of corn syrup-based food usually prescribed for his situation.

Since the only therapies for ALS covered by insurance seem to be of the "make-him-comfortable" variety, none of these new treatments are covered by insurance. So as long as these treatments are helping Don, we are continuing the fundraising to cover them. Meanwhile we are posting photos and updates on Don at his fundraising website

My heartfelt thanks to you for helping us during this time when hope is most critical.
Our Love to you,

Don’s mother (and family)

PS- You can reach Don by snail mail at
Don Taylor c/o Ruth Taylor, 305 West Magnolia #356, Fort Collins, CO 80521.

Don’s ALS Walk Team in Fort Collins, Colorado – September 2008

Don’s Team (even without his presence) in Memphis, Tennessee – October 2008