Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dr. Billica's Treatment Protocol

I'm both happy and sad to report that I have decided to stay in Colorado indefinitely. There are a many reasons why Hing and I made this decision. Certainly there are good and bad things about staying here. All were considered. Probably some of the important reasons is that I feel at peace here. For many years I would tell people that if I worked for FedEx and lived in Colorado, I would be in Heaven. For me it's the simple things like the majestic mountains , the climate, I would rather be cold than burning up (I cannot breathe if it is too hot), the sunsets, the snow and of course, I'm getting to know my Colorado family. That's sometimes hard to do when you are separated by miles and miles.

Oh one more thing , my sister, Kate is deep into alternative healing and knows a ton of healers that live here. Kate found Dr. Billica who has been successful with healing all kinds of diseases. Below is my personal account of taking advantage of his method of healing.

What truly sucks is being without Hing, Chris, Nicole, my TN family and my friends. But Hing and the kids came to visit last weekend since the kids had a little school break. More on their visit later.

A lot of people have been asking me "How are my treatments doing? ". So I would like to share with you this memo to Dr. Billica at the end of my third week of treatment.

Dr. Billica Treatment Protocol

When I first went to Dr. Billica the goal was to understand exactly what he had to offer, after that we agreed to use three of his treatments. The first is a very unique blend of nutrients that go directly into my blood system. The purpose of them is detox my body of waste and fill my system with antioxidants, anti fungal and nutrients to strengthen my cell membranes so they can be strong against toxic waste. Dr. Billica strongly believes that ALS could be "caught" by environmental causes. Another benefit to the blood nutrients is to make my liver stronger since it’s doing the heavy lifting to get rid of the toxins.

The second treatment is my nutrition. As it turned out the liquid food that my doctor in Tennessee gave me to keep me sustained, wasn’t really healthy for me. The bad part of my old liquid diet was all the sugar and corn syrup. So Dr. Billica’s staff examined my diet and came up with a totally organic diet. The new diet is filled with cooked vegetables and high in protein. The funny thing is one of the recipes is animal bone broth, so my sister, Kate contacted a local big game butcher and he agreed to give us all the bones that we want. Plus we have friends that volunteered to make the broth for my Mom. The good news is my strength improved almost immediately after I started my new diet. A most important thing came out of the examination of my diet and my medications. Dr. Billica found another doctor had prescribed an antacid to keep my stomach under control. The funny thing that Dr. Billica said was "Why take a medicine that prevents digestion? ". He said that is crazy. We're trying to promote digestion.

The third treatment is a little bit out there (not sure how it works) this instrument sends an electrical frequency to my throat muscles to return my cells back to the correct frequency. Apparently all of our cells vibrate at a certain frequency. This treatment definitely improved my ability to swallow more productively.

My goals at the start of my treatments were to:

  • Give me strength

  • Improve my swallowing

  • Increase my stamina

I’m happy to report that I have met my goals. I surprised everyone when I wanted to go out again after spending the previous day on an all day adventure. Just like the Energizer Bunny. I have a hunch that the sugar highs and lows from my previous diet were robbing me of strength.

One surprising thing that I wasn’t expecting is my lung strength has really improved. I’m looking forward to continuing to improve. My spirits are at an all time high.

Thanks to everyone that helped me get to this point with your prayers and donations.

You all are my Angels! !

Don in Colorado