Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Three Grandsons

I certainly enjoyed seeing Matthew, Kim and my three grandsons these past five days. They traveled from Groton, CT camping across country. Stopping for family visits along the way. Traveling across country with three boys ranging from 3-6 years of age can be challenging to say the least. But I have to hand it to Matthew and Kim; they kept their spirits and humor up

KOA - Tent Side, right on a lake. Very nice

It was wonderful getting to know my grandchildren again. The last time I saw them was in Christmas 2007.
The first night when they arrived on Thursday, the kids were shy to greet me except Maynard. He was fascinated with Erica. Matthew explained how I typed with my eye. I certainly enjoyed the visit because of Matthew and I got to know each other again. He volunteered to suction my mouth because I have trouble managing my saliva. What I noticed most about him was how mature he has become. I guess marrying into a relationship with three kids is the right thing for him. I am sure the Navy had a lot to do with maturing a man.All of you that have served could agree. 

Another thing that I noticed was Kim is very funny. I could listen to her endlessly. She comes up with the funniest lines. It was great seeing Kim and Matthew get along despite traveling across the country to boot.

The second day, I had a doctor appointment so they stayed at camp and checked out the fun things to do. at night matthew joined Kate, Ken and me as we went to a professional baseball game in Denver. The Colorado Rockies were playing. I haven't been to professional game since 1995. Wow it was fabulous. The stadium was packed. Peanuts and popcorn and lots of beer! Kim stayed back with the kids because this game was sponsored by the ALS Association and we had limited tickets. Poor Kim. Bonnie joined us as well! At the start of the game they had people with ALS come to home plate to show support for Lou Gerhrig. and to raise funds for the association.

On day three, we had to check out their campsite. We took lots of pictures of them swimming. Then we went to their tent. Matthew had to upgrade the tent because five people in a little tent are hard to squeeze all bodies and equipment. Matthew bought a seven man tent. A good idea.

On Sunday I had a party at my house celebrating my second year in Colorado. We invited family and friends. Of course Matthew and family came. I gave three yellow roses to the people who came the farthest distance to the party. The first place winner was Mary, Kate’s friend from Mexico. Second was Kim and third was Susan, the mom of my caregiver named Abby. Susan is from Colorado Springs. Ken cooked up some brats on the grill. A big success! Susan her famous layered Jell-O dessert and I could not resist eating just a little bit. Oh how it melted in my mouth. I told Susan that I had a sugar high jokingly! It was delicious.
It was a great get together with family and friends.
Susan, Rachel and Abby

.On Monday for dinner, since it was the last time we could get together, we went to Red Lobster because apparently there are no Red Lobster’s in Guam. Peyton sat near me so I had a good time watching him. I was amazed with the way he tested how hot his food was before he ate some. He would lightly test it with the tip of his tongue. To my amazement he tested his broccoli first. At first he stood his broccoli on end like it was a tree. Very creative. He was talking to himself the whole time. Next he would stuff the whole thing in his mouth again to my amazement. Peyton never used his napkin. His shirt was too convenient. Ha ha. His next objective is the chicken fingers after tackling almost the broccoli. He dipped his chicken finger in the cocktail sauce that came with the fried cheese sticks and exclaimed to his Dad that he really liked it. Aunt Kate likes salt on her nachos, so when Kate wasn’t looking, Peyton put the salt shaker back in the salt and pepper rack. He was talking to himself delighted at his accomplishment. His next mission was to convert his sippy cup straw to a tank cannon. He continued to make important sound effects like a real tank. I just loved watching him.
Good old Red Lobster

Now I just have to wait three years for their return. Ha ha. Good luck Matthew and family.