Thursday, September 02, 2010

One of the Best Colorado Vacation Spots Ever

I decided to brag on my sisters home in the mountains. She is renting it to tourists seeking a Colorado experience.

Here's the link to Sunhaven.

People who rent can review their stay. Below is an example of one of the better ones.

The above quote was from my 21 year old son and my 19 year old daughter agrees. I had plans and schedules for rafting, horseback riding, brewery touring. They went out the window once we arrived at Sunhaven. No one wanted to leave the mountain. The directions to the home were easy to follow. The place was clean and well maintained. It was more spacious and beautiful than the pictures show. Hiking and climbing were the daily activity of choice. Night time was for campfires, game playing (Pass the Pigs and Scrabble) and reading. We did not see any bears or mountain lions, but were sure one of us would have our eye impaled by a hummingbird! The owners were kind and friendly, answering any questions that cropped up. This vacation is what we consider a "do over" because we want to do it again (and maybe raft next time!). Kudos to the owners!!

Date of Stay: 06/29/10 Review Submitted: 07/11/10