Friday, July 29, 2011

There's nothing like cruising down the highway in a convertible sports car!

A really good friend of mine reminded me of a story about cruising down the highway with the top down in my convertible sports car!

My story begins in 1980 when I drove my red sports car from Colorado to Maryland. I bought the 1970 red MGB from a lady who could not keep it running. I towed the car to my home in Lakewood, Colorado. I had to rebuild the engine and fortunately the summer to work on it since I graduated from CSU in May and I bought the car in June. It was the second engine that I rebuilt so I was confident despite that my MGB sports car was British made! The most complicated part was the dual carburetors because each had to be tuned perfectly in sync. If they were not in sync the engine would shake violently! I hope that makes sense.

Once rebuilt I had such fun driving it around town and up the foothills west of Denver. If you haven’t driven a sports car on a mountain road or a coastal highway, please add it to your to do list!

In September my army officer training would begin so I headed across country in my hot little sports car! I especially liked when people and kids would stare at me cruising by them doing 60 mph down the interstate 70! With my convertible top down and the breeze blowing my hair, what more could I ask for! I hooked up my head phones to the stereo radio so I could rock and roll all the way! That was before ear buds were invented and long before laws about wearing ear listening devices was illegal. Oops!!

Unfortunately there was one faulty part I didn’t repair. It was my fuel pump. So I was stuck on the side of the highway three times as I took the pump apart and repaired it. Fortunately I know exactly what’s was wrong and I knew how to fix it. I did get strange looks from people passing me on the interstate. It didn’t matter because I was 23 years old and felt invincible to the world and what it had to offer!