Monday, September 12, 2011

My Nutty Buddy Story

It was a cold and snowy winter night and I was walking with my friend, Rob Hannings from a Boy Scout meeting. We stopped by the store and brought some Drumstick ice cream cones. Back in those days the cones were named Nutty Buddies!

We were walking down a main street in Ridgewood, NJ when we spotted a green VW Bug stuck in the snow. Then a tall very beautiful lady opened the door of the VW and looked at us in desperation. We knew right away that it was our duty to save this princess from her distress.

“She exclaimed would you two help me because I am late for my appointment!” So we told her no problem we would be glad to help her.

Rob and I pushed with all our might but could not get the vehicle out because we were still holding our Nutty Buddies. In that instant we looked at each other and knew our delicious treats had to go. So we said to hell with our ice creams because saving our princess was more important. We each threw our treats into a snow drift never to be seen or eaten again.

Now with both hands on the back of the vehicle, we freed our princess’s VW Bug from it’s strangle hold in the snow!!! Our good dead of the day was fulfilled!
To our delight she thanked us many times and then she waved a friendly good bye with one arm out the window as she drove away. We watched her until we could no longer see the taillights of the VW. We knew our heroic act was complete! As we headed home it started to snow and our stomachs were a little bit hungry from working so hard!!!