Friday, July 26, 2013

How I came to work at FedEx

A few people have asked about my career that I had before I had ALS.

I graduated from CSU as you know and was in the army ROTC and was shipped to Germany. I absolutely hated the army life but loved touring Europe. I spent every weekend traveling and seeing as much as possible.

After the army I was stationed in Virginia. My base was at the logistics center for the army. I was fortunate to be into computers and I was assigned to the automated computer system that kept track of equipment being repaired at the maintenance shops. Oh btw, in the army I was the officer in charge of a maintenance shop. A perfect match. We repaired anything from tents to tanks! I loved working with my soldiers and I was not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get dirty. One soldier said that was the first time he had seen an officer do that. Well back to my story… I was still in the army and when I got out after four years my boss asked me if I would like to stay on as a civilian. I didn’t hesitate. I said yes sir! I worked there for ten years got married and had two beautiful babies. In 1995 when the government was cutting programs, my wife and I decided to get out. She worked in computers too but a different system.

My wife, Hing was from Memphis, TN and wanted to go home. So I found a job with FedEx developing a computer system exactly like the one I developed for the army. I was hired on the spot. Hing was so excited to be going home. She has eight brothers and sisters so I hit the jackpot! Fortunately we had enough income so Hing could quit working and raise our  children properly. It was the best decision ever because I am convinced that our kids are so much better than if she worked. With FedEx everything is needed five minutes ago. Ha ha. My stress level was out of control but I absolutely loved my job. I was working myself to death. After ten years my body gave up. To be honest I am the guy that internalizes my feelings and it caught up to me. I got ALS in 2005. By June 2006 I went on full disability. We didn’t tell our family until that summer of 2005 because we were still in shock. Here is a picture of my team at FedEx.