Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My skiing experience - interview by the ALS Association

Hi Don,

Wow, you have done so many things in your life! Thank you for the picture and the link to your blog – I love reading about all your adventures! If you have time would you answer just a few skiing-related questions? Thank you, Don! Have a wonderful weekend! J


  1. What was your tie to skiing? (recreational skier, on a ski team, competitive skier, ski patrol, etc)
I was only a recreational skier.

  1. At what age did you start skiing and how long did you ski for?
I started around the age of 7 and skied until my wife and I had kids around 1993. So on and off for 29 years.

  1. How often would you go skiing?
    Also most ever winter. When I was in the Army and stationed in Germany skiing was my top Priority!

  1. What was your level of difficulty? (ex: advanced, professional, back-country, moguls, etc)
I was advanced at both downhill and cross country skiing. I didn't learn how to snow board.

  1. What was your favorite thing about skiing?
Getting outside in the beautiful mountains and skiing with my friends. Also I loved skiing knee deep in fresh powder! Once I dressed up as clown with a fancy colored shirt and a clown mask with a big orange nose. You should have seen the looks that I got from children as well as adults! I have fond memories of skiing in the Swiss and French ALPS! To this day I am convinced that I can still stand up with assistance because of my strong skiing legs!

6.   Where was your favorite place to ski?
Steamboat Springs , Colorado! 

  1. How did it affect you when you weren't able to ski anymore?
I was upset but that’s what ALS does to people, it robs them of the good times that we once could do.

Holly Kerr