Monday, January 20, 2014

I love classic rock and roll!

I learned some fun facts about famous songs by listening to my favorite rock and roll radio station but first here’s a personal story when I worked at the dormitory at CSU called Allison Hall in 1976.

I was hired to work in the front office from 4 AM until 8 AM. Most nights it was quiet and all I had was control of the lobby’s stereo. When the song Against the Wind by Bob Seger came on the radio I would crank up the volume full blast and rock on! Sing with me. . . I wish I knew now what I didn’t know then. . . 

In the picture of the hall is my freshman room on the first floor on the far left. My roommate was Barry Waltman and we shared the same love of music.  The first day in our dorm we hit off so well that we talked until 2Am! We are great friends to this day.
My second year I moved up to the 3rd floor exactly above my first floor room. That’s when I worked in the office.
Marsha Simpson took me to Allison in 2012 and oh boy it changed dramatically with the amount of security for example I would unlock all the exit doors at 6 AM and now all doors are locked and require a magnetic card to swipe to get in! Fortunately Marsha and I were let in to my floor by a kind girl who lived on my floor. It used to be an engineering co-ed dormitory in the mid 70’s. It was great to see my floor! It brought back fond memories of my college years.
Here are my fun facts about two songs:
Rod Stewart’s first blockbuster song called Maggie May introduced the world to his raspy voice and he went into stardom. The strange fact about this song was his drummer. He was always forgetting to bring his full drum set to the recording sessions. This time he only had his snare and high hat. That’s the drum between his legs and the two cymbals that you operate with your foot for those not savvy with drums.  It’s still a great song! 

Another song written by Tom Petty called Free Fallin' is a classic because when Tom was sleeping and he fell out of bed. I think he pure genius for creating such fabulous lyrics from just falling out of bed!