Monday, March 15, 2010

I was Born One Day in April

One day last month I realized that I have been remembering things about my life that I haven't thought about since it happened. So I thought I might as well capture it in writing. This is a new section of my Blog labeled "Autobiography". The purpose is to allow me to write about the significant things that have happened to me in my life. To read all my posts just click on the label to the upper right.

I remember hearing my Mom and Dad telling me about the day I was born and what followed, but I never really had the story straight, so I recently asked my Mom to tell me. I found her response surprising because I learned a few facts about myself, who doesn't want to hear stories about themselves! Here's what my Mom wrote....

You weigh 3 1/2 lbs and went down to 3 lbs. You stayed in the incubator for only 1 or 2 days. You were 2 months early. The snow was pretty deep. I can't remember that but I heard a woman went to the hospital in a jeep the day before. You waited till the next day when they had shoveled out the driveway.

I had flu for the second time during pregnancy. I believe that is what made you come early.
Daddy took me to the hospital and the went home to find a friend to take care of Kate (Cathie).

I cried during contractions while daddy was away. The nurse wanted to why I was crying. I said I didn't want you to come yet. It was too early. By the time Daddy returned you had been born. Daddy was so apologetic because he wasn't there.

We would go see you every day because you had to stay in the hospital. (It was very had to go home without you.) We did not know at the time we were supposed to sign in or something which we did not do. So the nurse asked if we wanted to keep you. It was heart breaking that they would ask such a question. They said it was common for parents not to want a child that needed such care.

The doctor said "He has all his parts He just doesn't have much blubber. (Actually no blubber) You looked like a cute little monkey.

You were born at the beginning of April and had to stay in the hospital for 5 weeks making it a perfect Mother's Day that year. You were home for Mother's Day weighing 4 1/2 lbs. You did so well and summer was coming so they let me take you home. Usually premies had to be 5 lbs. [Don- I learned later that most premies were born blind in the late 1950's because the eyes are not fully developed until the last month of pregnancy. I believe that is why I cannot see out of my left eye.]

Yes, I did take you home in doll clothes. At that time little girls played w/dolls a lot more the today and there was a nice selection of dolls clothes to choose from. (Now they have premature baby clothes).

There was a little girl 1 lb 11 oz. in the incubator room with you. She went home the week after you. Never did ask about her. I was so occupied with you never thought about it. As years went by I thought it would have been fun to keep up with your very first girlfriend.

You needed a lot of care when we brought you home. Kate was only 2 yrs so we played together sitting in our rocking chairs feeding our babies and taking care or them. Kate had a rocking chair as I did and she took care of her little doll as I did with you.

I remember I had to tap the bottom of your tiny feet to make you eat because you wanted to sleep. But I had to be careful not to tire you.

Well, ask me some more questions this is fun. I love my memories. I was always blessed. Love and hugs, Mom